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Miley Cyrus on SNL.

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"All these kids come up to me asking me ‘When’s the movie? When’s the movie?’, cause they wanna see these characters so much."

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make me choose → asked by its-gal-bitch:
↳ Ian Gallagher or and Mickey Milkovich?


lhommewalk asked: Gabe or William?



Troubling situation coped with through drug spiral. Like we haven’t been there before 

*coughs Eli*coughs Drew*coughs Ali 

*coughs do you really think teenage go-to is drugs  Degrassi. If you wnat to be realistic, why not show these people coping with something more realistic…like chocolate

I get where you’re coming from but in the case of Zoe’s trial, I think the drug plot is totally realistic.

It is very common for teenagers to do drugs is very rough times, I speak from experience and from friends and people I don’t even talk to. But I get your point.